Namola now has 140 000 downloads. It is one of the fast growing safety apps in South Africa. 

Namola went national late last year and it is supported by DialDirect.
The app has been endorsed by, amongst others, Police Minister Fikile Mbalula, the Department of Women. Gauteng Community Safety Dept and the SABC.
Hundreds of users #GetHelpFast each week. 
At the weekend, this user shared his experience:
Hi my name is Goolam. I had an accident in a rural area near loskop (Drakensburg) last night at abt 10:30pm. I used the Namola app for the first time, the person responded within seconds…. it was a lady, very very efficient and am so shocked  at how good the service was. Then to put the cherry on the top. She even got the cops to call me. I bet a million dollars if we had to call the cops either they would have not come or taken hours. With Namola help they where their in a few mins. The lady even called me back again to check if the cops arrived. And if everything is okay. The way she spoke the service is beyond belief. We in South Africa are not used to something like this. I am so so so impressed. Wow Namola thank you thank you thank you. I want to say so much more but what can I say, thank you again. This app is a game changer for this country. Pls pls keep up this excellent efficient service level. Thank you.”
Namola guarantees a call back within 90 seconds of pressing the panic button. Users are urged to test it weekly. 
It’s great to see technology helping to #MakeSASafe
While some local authorities are using Namola, others are rather slow. It’s time they embrace the app and fight crime.
Good to see some Metro Police Departments like Johannesburg endorsing Namola and responding efficiently to reports of crime. Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba, agrees that Namola is a game changer. 
Gauteng Traffic piloted Namola some months back and there have been excellent successes.
Download Namola if you don’t have it already.
*Yusuf Abramjee is an anti-crime activist and Namola’s Chief Ambassdor. He also heads-up #MakeSASafe 

Twitter: @abramjee

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