President Cyril Ramaphosa has appointed Bheki Cele as the new Minister of Police.

While many have welcomed the move, some has criticized the appointment.
I believe General Cele is the right man for the job. His no nonsense approach holds him in good stead.
Yes, I have said repeatedly over the years that I hope he becomes Minister.
Cele served as National Police  Commissioner for some time. He made his mark and he instilled fear into the criminals. Levels of crime started dropping. He also motivated and supported the men and women in blue and that made a huge difference. 
In my previous capacities, I worked closely with Cele. I watched him in action on numerous occasions and the one thing I know is that he gets the job done. He also acted fast and that is what we need.
The Police Ministry needs a strong leader and someone who can ensure we #MakeSASafe.
Cele is a good choice and he needs our support. 
Community policing and stakeholder relations are important. The police cannot fight crime alone and we have to all hold hands. While he was our top cop, Cele worked hard to achieve this. 
I’m confident that Cele is going to clean-up the police. He will get rid of dead wood.
Let’s hope the new Minister implements the National Development Plan with urgency. It talks about demilitarizing the SAPS. This needs to be brought to life.
Fikile Mbalula held the position of Police Minister for under a year. I wrote previously that he achieved more in a few months than what his predecessors failed to do over many years.
I’m sure Cele is going to do the same and leave a legacy. 
Crime affects all of us and it’s out of control. We have to confront it with all our energy and commitment. Now is the time!
We wish Cele everything of the best and he can only succeed in his new job if we support him.
Communication is critical. Cele, from previous experience, is always available and this is important. 
By the way, a fake twitter account, under his name has been making posts. Be warned: that’s not our new Police Minister. He is not on Twitter (as yet).
*Yusuf Abramjee is an anti-crime activist and Namola’s Chief Ambassador. He also heads-up #MakeSASafe

Twitter: @abramjee

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