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Happimo.org is a non-profit organisation dedicated to giving all South Africans, rich or poor, access to cutting-edge technology that can help them live safer, healthier and smarter lives.


What is Happimo?

Happimo is a non-profit organisation that helps government departments solve technology related problems in education, housing and security.

Happimo uses 3rd party development companies and handles all procurement and client relationship matters.

What is the goal?

Happimo’s goals are:

1. To help government to deal with problems using technology in the most efficient manner possible.

2. To match software developers that want to solve problems with government departments that have problems that need to be solved.

3. To identify “Gov.Tech.” opportunities that may be commercialised in the private sector.

Why are we doing this?

We live in South Africa. We want to live in South Africa forever. We want our country to be a success.

We believe that by helping government solve problems using technology we can make our country a better place.

How can I get involved?

If you have an idea as to how technology can be used to solve a specific government problem or if you are a software development company looking to get a for-good product to market, please contact us.


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Latest Projects


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“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead